At Sprayline, we specialise in offering our customers spraying equipment, able to test, repair and service all kinds of brands. Additionally, we supply clients with both new and used crop sprayers, which are either trailed or mounted to tractors.

A crop sprayer is a piece of equipment used within the agriculture industry which uses spray nozzles to apply various products to the land. The use of crop sprayers enables the user to control the dose of products such as herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. The machines contain a tank that holds the water and chemical mix, and the high-pressure pump distributes it to the crops through small bore pipes along a boom to nozzles at intervals along the boom. Mounted crop sprayers fit on tractors with 3-point linkage, meaning that they have a limited capacity and boom size. 

Here at Sprayline, you can benefit from new tractor mounted crop sprayers, available in the UK. We can currently supply mounted crop sprayers from Caffini, Hardi, Team and Tecnoma. Depending on the product you choose, these can have a capacity of between 200 litres and 1200 litres, including those in the middle at 400 litres and 800 litres. These cost as little as £3400 up to a maximum price of £11750, which each price respective to the size of the crop sprayer.

Whether you’re looking for Hardi crop sprayers or Caffini sprayers, you will be sure to find what you’re looking for her at Sprayline. For more information about our new tractor mounted crop sprayers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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