Trailer mounted crop sprayers combine high tank capacity with hitch-up-and-go functionality.  Ideal for working large areas, there really is no other way of spraying this efficiently without using a dedicated spraying vehicle.

When you want to get your money’s worth from your tractor, trailer mounted machinery is a great option.  Thanks to the fine ploughs, cultivators, and other equipment on the market designed to be towed behind a standard road-legal prime mover, it really is possible to run an entire small operation using just a single vehicle.  Whether this is your goal or not, trailer mounted crop sprayers as supplied and maintained by Sprayline of Fakenham are a great option for optimising your resources.

We keep a stock of the popular Hardi crop sprayers UK farmers have favoured in recent years.  Things we like about Hardi crop sprayers include the Safe Track steering system for stability, and the fully automatic wash, filling and agitation systems.  All this is in addition to the features you’d expect like road lights and a boom mounted lighting system.  The advanced Tecnoma crop spraying trailers are also worth a look.

Alongside the new mounted crop sprayers we sell (see below), these are some of the most effective and reliable crop sprayers available.  Contact us if you need any more information on these trailer mounted sprayers.

Tractor Mounted Crop Sprayers

For smaller spraying jobs, or those where on- or off-road maneuverability may be an issue, we also sell new tractor mounted crop sprayers.  These units also attach to the standard three-point linkage, but are fully mounted on the tractor, making for a highly manoeuvrable package which can take full advantage of your tractor’s design speed on-road.  To view our selection of new mounted crop sprayers UK customers should click here.  Highly regarded models of Caffini sprayers can be found here and here.